JUNE 8, 2022

SDDP Statement on Logan Manhart’s Withdrawal from District 1 Race

Sioux Falls – In May, the South Dakota Democratic Party (SDDP) and candidate Steven McCleerey applied for a Writ of Prohibition filed in 6th Judicial Court to prevent the certification of Logan Manhart as a candidate for the South Dakota House of Representatives. Today, Manhart has announced his withdrawal from the race.

SDDP Chair Randy Seiler issued the following statement: 

“I am glad to see that Logan Manhart did the legal and ethical thing and withdrew from the District 1 House of Representatives race. He was clearly legally ineligible, as defined in the South Dakota Constitution, to seek this seat. This is the right outcome for our democratic process and ensures everyone plays by the same rules, no matter their party affiliation. Thank you to our lawyer Matthew Tysdal whose excellent work made this possible.”