Berk Ehrmantraut
Berk EhrmantrautExecutive Director
Berk Ehrmantraut is the Executive Director of the South Dakota Democratic Party.

Previously, Berk was the Senior Digital Communications Manager at Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

In 2019, Berk was the Secretary for the House Democratic Caucus in the South Dakota Legislature.

In 2018, Berk served as Call Time Director on Billie Sutton’s campaign for Governor. Based out of the Burke, South Dakota office, Berk traveled all over the state with Billie to talk with people about how we can come together around issues South Dakotans agree on.

He also worked on a statewide campaign in 2016, circulated petitions to successfully refer SB 177 to the ballot and repeal it after Republicans tried to undercut the voice of voters on the minimum wage, and got his start in politics helping a candidate run for the state legislature as a Young Elected Legislative Leaders (YELL) fellow.

Berk graduated from American University with an interdisciplinary degree in communications, legal institutions, economics, and government, and graduated from high school in Beresford, South Dakota. He lives in Sioux Falls.

Cante Heart
Cante Heart Native Outreach & Field Director
Cante is a Sicangu Lakota, Ihanktowan Dakota and Winnebago Hochunk. She is the daughter of CaroleAnn Heart and Travis Harden. Cante spent the majority of her life in North and South Dakota, and considers the Sacred Black Hills her home. She graduated from Rapid City Central High School and has a degree in Business Administration from Oglala Lakota College.

Cante has pursued many avenues of community organizing and strategic planning for both businesses and nonprofits. Over the years, she has served her local community and demonstrated a track record of consistent and reliable leadership. Cante believes that it is important to uplift Indigenous voices in all capacities. She also believes that it is up to us to create new relationships and bridge the gap to strengthen current relations. Cante looks forward to bringing a Lakota perspective to the party by building relationships through shared values with a collaborative approach.

Cante serves on the Board of Directors for HeSapa Otipi, Abbott House, and the “Dignity” Initiative. As one of the models for the Dignity Statue in Chamberlain, SD, the process empowered Cante to truly reflect on what dignity means for all of us in South Dakota.

In her free time, Cante enjoys playing basketball, softball, golf, and spending time with her daughters. She loves practicing and teaching Lakota ways and language. In fact, you have just learned a Lakota word. “Cante” means “heart” in Lakota.

Nicole Gray
Nicole GrayData & Development Director
Nicole Gray is the Data and Development Director for the South Dakota Democratic Party.

In 2020, Nicole worked for the Montana Coordinated Campaign and Warren for President in Illinois as a Regional Organizing Director. Previously, she worked on campaigns in Iowa, Arizona, New Jersey, Kentucky, Maryland, and Michigan.

Nicole believes it’s important we use every tool in our toolbox to connect with Democrats and fight for a country that works for every single person in every corner of every state.

In her free time, Nicole enjoys watching trashy reality TV, hiking, collecting Halloween decorations, and going to the concerts that they couldn’t in their scene kid days.

Nicole graduated from American University with a degree in Political Science and Economics. Originally from Illinois, she lives in Sioux Falls.

Olivia Strom
Olivia StromCommunications Assistant
Olivia is the Communications Assistant for the South Dakota Democratic Party. She works closely with all members of the staff to publish social media content, write external communications, and conduct media outreach.

Olivia spent the last few years travelling extensively internationally, spending 6 months backpacking in Southeast Asia and a year working abroad in Australia. Throughout her travels she obtained a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate and volunteered in Thailand.

She graduated from the University of South Dakota with a degree in International Studies. Olivia currently lives and works in Sioux Falls.