DECEMBER 6, 2022

SDDP Statement on Governor Noem’s 2022 Budget Address

South Dakota Democratic Senate Minority Leader Reynold Nesiba issued the following statement in response to Governor Noem’s 2022 budget address:

“In a world of 8% inflation the Governor’s proposed 5% cost of living adjustment means that teachers, state employees, and providers are having a 3% real wage cut imposed on them. Last year they had a 2% real wage cut imposed. We need 10% across-the-board increase to simply allow essential workers to be protected from inflation whose existence the Governor mentioned multiple times in her speech. 

“We continue to have a childcare crisis in SD. Affordable, high-quality childcare, that pays its workers a living wage will require SD to do what every other successful state does. We need to subsidize it. I’m disappointed that the Governor is failing to lead on this critical workforce development issue. 

“Democrats are pleased that the Governor is claiming three of our priorities as her own—cutting the sales tax on food, paid parental leave, and 100% tuition benefits for our guard members. We look forward to working with our Republican colleagues to bring these into reality.”