JANUARY 11, 2022

SDDP Statement on Gov. Noem’s State of the State Address

South Dakota Democratic Leaders issued the following statements in response to Governor Noem’s State of the State Address. 

SDDP Vice-Chair Nikki Gronli: 

“It comes as no surprise that Governor Noem used this speech to further divide South Dakotans. Clearly she’d rather continue to build a national profile as a culture warrior than address the real concerns of hardworking South Dakotans. Democrats are focused on delivering for South Dakotans on healthcare, education, and an economy that works for everyone.”

House Democratic Leader Jamie Smith:

“Governor Noem’s speech was an opportunity to bring South Dakotans together, but today we heard a partisan speech that divides. We need a government that works for all South Dakotans. There are opportunities for us to work together. Areas of agreement include workforce housing, job training, and childcare just to name a few. 

Instead of paying attention to the science and encouraging South Dakotans to get vaccinated and boosted, Kristi Noem refuses to lead. I encourage people to get vaccinated and wear a mask when appropriate. Together we can end this pandemic.”

Senate Democratic Leader Troy Heinert:

“Governor Noem squandered the opportunity to make meaningful change in many South Dakotans’ lives by focusing on social issues that have been debated and settled in this state over twenty years ago.”

Senate Democratic Whip Reynold Nesiba:

“Kristi Noem is quick to say we’re first in lack of education loss but South Dakota is still 50th in teacher pay. Teachers have worked to ensure our children’s education but Kristi Noem is offering them a raise that doesn’t even keep up with inflation. They deserve 8%. Teachers and state employees deserve better”