JANUARY 13, 2022

Oceti Sakowin Caucus Statement on State of the Tribes

Oceti Sakowin Caucus Chair Rep. Peri Pourier released the following statement on Chairman Delbert Hopkins Jr.’s State of the Tribes address:

“I applaud and honor Chairman Hopkin’s address asking the legislature for support on several important federal issues. Maintaining good relations with the Tribal Nations within South Dakota requires hard work and presence. Showing up to South Dakota’s own State of the Tribe’s Address would have been an essential part of repairing tribal relations for Governor Noem. It was duly noted Noem and her staff members were not present at all. We hope the work of the legislature will be able to bridge the gap.”


About the Oceti Sakowin Caucus

Chaired by Rep. Peri Pourier and Kellen Returns F.S. as Vice-Chair, the Oceti Sakowin Caucus meets on the first Thursday of every month. The caucus consists of over twenty members representing all tribes of South Dakota. Membership is open to any individual who is a citizen or a descendant of an American Indian, Alaska Native or Hawaiian tribe, nation or community, or those who support all purposes of the caucus.

The main objective of the Caucus is to encourage new voter participation in our tribal communities. The Caucus works to recruit, support, and ultimately elect Native American Democrats running for public office.