SD Democratic Party Statement on SCOTUS Mifepristone Case


March 26, 2024

As the Supreme Court hears arguments in a case that could ban medication abortion across the country and severely limit access to critical reproductive care for millions of women, South Dakota Democratic Party Vice Chair Jessica Meyers released the following statement:

“Today’s Supreme Court hearing is a stark reminder that a loud minority of Republicans are using every avenue possible to ban abortion nationwide. This case could strip away access to medication abortion everywhere in this country.

“In South Dakota, doctors already have limited medical capabilities due to the state’s abortion ban that is dangerously unclear and is harming patients. Instead of fixing our laws, elected Republicans want to create a video to explain the abortion ban. This will not help doctors save the life of a mother and child because a video can’t capture the complexity of when an abortion may be necessary.

“Congress needs to codify the protections of Roe into law, restoring rights that women relied on for nearly 50 years. The South Dakota Democratic Party stands by the FDA’s evidence-based approval of mifepristone. We believe that medical decisions should stay between a patient and their provider and that politicians should not be standing in the way.

“South Dakotans know that reproductive rights and bodily autonomy are on the ballot in November, and the only way to protect women’s freedoms is to send President Biden and Vice President Harris back to the White House.”

For questions, you can contact the SDDP Executive Director Dan Ahlers at or contact the state party office by phone at 605-271-5405 or 605-940-3071.

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