Notice of Election

An election to fill the Vice Chair role for the South Dakota Democratic Party will be held on Saturday, April 23 at 11am during the State Central Committee meeting at the Holiday Inn – City Centre in Sioux Falls.

State Central Committee members are eligible to vote. State Central Committee Members include County Chairs and Vice Chairs, Legislative District Chairs and Vice Chairs, State Central Committeemen and Committeewomen, and SDDP Executive Board members.

In accordance with the SDDP Constitution:

“The votes for the state party officers shall be weighted. Each county shall cast the number of votes equal to the county’s proportionate vote for the Democratic candidate for governor in the last gubernatorial election. The county members of the State Central Committee present and allowed to vote at the election of state party officers shall equally split the votes entitled to the county.”

Please RSVP here to help ensure we have an appropriate amount of space:

Individuals interested in running for the position are requested to notify staff by emailing This will allow us to prepare appropriately for the election.

SDDP Vice Chair Nikki Gronli stepped down from her position to accept her appointment as State Director for the South Dakota Rural Development Agency. This has created a vacancy for the position of Vice Chair for the South Dakota Democratic Party.