OCTOBER 5, 2022

We Fact-Checked The Gubernatorial Debate, Here’s What You Need to Know

On Friday, Jamie Smith took on Kristi Noem for their one and only debate before the November election. During the debate we fact-checked Gov. Noem, and here’s what we found: 

Kristi Noem said: “I supported and looked at repealing the sales tax on food and groceries last year during the legislative session. In fact, my team in the office worked on it for several days”
The truth: Kristi Noem has consistently opposed cutting the tax on food. In fact, she asked for the bill cutting the food tax during the 2022 legislative session to be killed.
Source: The Associated Press

Kristi Noem said: “The people will decide. This appears to be written constitutionally. If it does pass, I will implement it. This goes back to the authority the Governor has and what authority they don’t have.”
The truth: Kristi Noem used your taxpayer dollars to overturn the will of the people in 2020. In fact, Gov. Noem instigated the legal fight to strike down the legal recreational marijuana amendment passed by voters.
Source: PBS

Kristi Noem said: “The media has distorted what I said.  I am who I am. I believe it is more appropriate at the state level than the federal level. I have been clear on this issue. I am pro-life.”
The truth: Kristi Noem refused to say that a 10-year-old that has been raped shouldn’t have to have the child, or have access to an abortion, and again refused to do so during the debate. It’s crystal clear she does not support exceptions for rape and incest in South Dakota’s abortion ban.
Source: CNN 

Kristi Noem said: “This matter is closed. And something that is very clear is that my daughter never once received special treatment.”
The truth: The Government Operations and Audit Committee found that Gov. Noem’s daughter received preferential treatment in obtaining her appraisal license.
Source: Dakota News Now

Kristi Noem said: “I’m proud of the work we were able to do with our  Native American tribes. I have invited them to come in and have discussions on things we can do together to accomplish for the people in their communities.”
The truth: In 2019, the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council unanimously decided that Gov. Kristi Noem was no longer welcome on the Pine Ridge Reservation.
Source: Argus Leader

Kristi Noem said: “Here in South Dakota, we are ensuring kids are protected and allowing parents to have more of a say in their children’s education and what they hear in the classroom. That they don’t get an agenda from someone else, from a curriculum company.”
The truth: Kristi Noem’s social studies curriculum was written by an out-of-state entity with more than 500 South Dakota teachers disagreeing with the standards.
Source: Argus Leader

Kristi Noem said: “It’s important to me that we are transparent here in South Dakota.”
The truth: Kristi Noem asked the state ethics board to dismiss a complaint against her without a public hearing and to seal off certain records, according to documents released by the state’s Government Accountability Board.
Source: Associated Press

Kristi Noem said: “I never once used the state airplane for personal use.”
The truth: State plane records indicate that the state plane was used to transport family members to her daughter’s wedding.
Source: Keloland