For Immediate Release: Thursday, March 5, 2015
Contacts:   Ann Tornberg, ann@sddp.org605-271-5405

Tornberg calls on Daugaard to veto youth minimum wage bill

Sioux Falls (March 5, 2015) — South Dakota Democratic Party Chair Ann Tornberg called on Governor Dennis Daugaard to veto the youth minimum wage bill that infringes upon the will of South Dakota voters.

“Respect the will of the voters, Governor Daugaard,” Tornberg said. “South Dakotans overwhelmingly supported the initiated measure to raise the minimum wage. Signing this bill tells South Dakotans that their vote just doesn’t matter. Please keep your promise to leave this issue alone.”

Governor Dennis Daugaard has previously promised not to touch the initiated measure to raise the minimum wage. In fact, Daugaard has said changing the law “would be a little bit of an affront to the voters who just adopted it.” Tornberg was heartened to hear that Daugaard has not already broken his promise to South Dakota voters.

“Allowing the state legislature to immediately thwart the will of the voters sets an awful precedence,” Tornberg said. “I know Governor Dennis Daugaard is better than that.”

Tornberg has asked South Dakotans to contact Governor Dennis Daugaard’s office at 605.773.3212 or to ask him to respect the will of the voters.