Statement on Supreme Court Decision in Trump v. United States


July 1st, 2024

South Dakota Democratic Party Chair Shane Merrill released the following statement after the US Supreme Court ruled on presidential immunity:

“This is a dangerous ruling by the nation’s highest court that could give presidents greater immunity. Donald Trump inspired a violent mob to attack our nation’s capitol. He attempted to subvert the results of a free and fair election. Since then, Trump has only become more unhinged. During an interview with Fox News, he promised to be a dictator on “day one” if he returns to the White House. And during a speech in Ohio, he warned of a “bloodbath” if he loses. Trump has shown time and again that he will put himself above our Constitution, above American voters, and above Democracy itself.

“But now, the Supreme Court just made it even easier for Trump to pursue his path to a dictatorship. This ruling doesn’t just impact our current presidential race – this will have long lasting effects on our nation that will hurt Democracy. South Dakota voters have a chance to reject Donald Trump’s self-obsessed quest for power once and for all when they head to the polls in November.”

For questions, you can contact the SDDP Executive Director Dan Ahlers at or contact the state party office by phone at 605-271-5405 or 605-940-3071.

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