South Dakota Democratic Party Statement on Chauvin Trial Verdict

SIOUX FALLS, SD (April 21, 2021) South Dakota Democratic Party Vice Chair Nikki Gronli made the following statement regarding the verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin:

“This verdict reflects a first step in creating an accountable criminal justice system that has been fundamentally broken for far too long. We hope that by holding George Floyd’s murderer accountable, it will send a message that police misconduct towards Black Americans will no longer go unpunished.”  

At every level of government in every corner of South Dakota we need to stand together against injustice. Today we applaud the verdict that sent George Floyd’s murderer to jail, but we know that the racism within systems and structures that led to this tragedy and so many others must still be addressed. 

The South Dakota Democratic Party commits to advocating for serious police reform and accountability measures to protect all South Dakotans, especially those who are Black and Brown. We commit to a future of justice, which means no more deaths at the hands of police officers.”

Please direct questions to SDDP Vice Chair Nikki Gronli via email

or phone (605) 376-3337.