SDDP Response to Racist Remarks from GOP Candidate for Governor

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The South Dakota Democratic Party released the following statement from Executive Director Sam Parkinson in responding to GOP candidate Lora Hubbel’s racist attacks on State Sen. Troy Heinert and other Native American state legislators:
     “Sen. Heinert is a respected legislator and leader in his community and around the state. People of good faith can disagree with his actions as a legislator, or as Chair of the Tribal Relations Committee, but to attack his motives and question his heritage is racist and offensive to both tribal members and non-tribal members alike. Her fellow Republican candidates for governor should denounce these statements, as should the South Dakota Republican Party.
     “We are proud that tribal members Senator Heinert, Sen. Kevin Killer, and Rep. Shawn Bordeaux are members of the Democratic caucus, and we’re proud of the work that they do in Pierre to represent their districts – including the Reservations located in those districts – and advocate for policies that would improve the lives of all South Dakotans, both those in living in tribal communities and those who live outside those communities.”