Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019 – The South Dakota Democratic Party was shocked to learn that South Dakota Attorney General Ravnsborg has joined into a lawsuit with Alabama and Louisiana to try to stop the Equal Rights Amendment from being added to the U.S. Constitution if Virginia becomes the 38th and remaining state to ratify it.

“It’s astounding that the same year we’re planning a celebration of 100 years of women having the right to vote, our state is spending taxpayer dollars to make sure the U.S. Constitution doesn’t include equal rights for women under the law. I just sat in Pierre on Dec. 4 with women from across the state working on a statewide celebration of the 19th Amendment. It’s a project of the State Historical Society and Governor Noem. The ERA topic came up in that room of bipartisan women leaders. We’re all aware of what it would mean for Virginia to ratify it. Here we are still fighting for equality in 2019.”  – Nikki Gronli, Vice-Chair South Dakota Democratic Party

The new Democratic-controlled Virginia State Legislature might become the 38th state to ratify the amendment.

“One of the reasons I’m a South Dakota Democratic Party member is this party respects women and fights for South Dakota families. This is the party that works to guarantee quality education for our children, protects working moms, and understands working families need affordable healthcare. These things can strengthen our state and create an atmosphere that keeps our kids from moving away. Myself, and women all across this state are equal and deserve to have that equality reflected in our constitution.” – Gronli said.

Chair Randy Seiler couldn’t agree more.

“I was flabbergasted. I can’t imagine why our state would want to get involved in this lawsuit and spend taxpayer money this way. Not to mention how insensitive it is. Ratification of the 19th Amendment happened 100 years ago. I am appalled frankly at the lack of respect for women. Why is this administration taking this on? It makes no sense.” – Randy Seiler, Chair South Dakota Democratic Party

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