SDDP Executive Director Responds to State of State Address

PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Democratic Party released the following statement from Executive Director Sam Parkinson in response to today’s State of the State Address by Governor Kristi Noem:

“Gov. Noem put forth many ideas and proposals today, some of which – like improving rural broadband access, improving economic and workforce development, and increasing access to affordable housing – Democrats have been advocating for in Pierre for many years. We are surprised and dismayed that Gov. Noem only briefly referencing one of our state’s biggest industries – tourism – and made no mention of health care, the crisis of closing nursing homes, and early childhood education. Further, Gov. Noem did not say how she planned on paying for any of her proposals and did not lay out any clear vision of where she wants to lead our state. Despite her focus on finding ‘the next big thing’ for South Dakota, Gov. Noem’s speech was the same old, same old talking points we’ve heard from Republicans in Pierre for the past 40 years.

“This Session, Democrats will put forth legislation which will lay out our priorities, such as improving economic fairness and opportunity in our state, ensuring access to affordable, quality health care, and strengthening the relationships between state and tribal governments. But more than specific issues, Democrats will be sharing our vision for the future of our great state: a South Dakota with an economy where everyone can get ahead, and an open, accountable state government where all South Dakotans – regardless of wealth or personal connections – have a voice.”