South Dakota Democratic Party statement to Governor’s FY2025 Budget Address


December 5, 2023

Below are the statements from the South Dakota Democratic Party leadership to Governor Kristi Noem’s FY2025 budget proposal.

“Like the Governor, Democratic legislators share a commitment to make our kids and grandkids a policy priority. However, unlike the Governor, we believe this should include free breakfast and lunches for our public school students, assistance for childcare, and accepting the federal government’s offer of a summer EBT program for families. Hungry children struggle to learn. We’re a rich state and can meet this need if it is a policy priority.” – State Senator Reynold Nesiba District 15 & State Representative Oren Lesmeister District 28A

“The Governor talked about education, healthcare, foster care and prisons but left out any reference to our tribal members. If we are going to address these policy issues, tribal leaders need to be at the table. We need to work together to ensure that all South Dakotans have access to economic, educational, and healthcare opportunities. This can only be done with much greater coordination with tribal leadership. We hope the Governor takes steps toward greater reconciliation.” – Senator Nesiba & Representative Lesmeister

For questions, you may contact Dan at or contact the state party office by phone at 605-271-5405 or 605-940-3071.

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