FEBRUARY 1, 2022

Rep. Jamie Smith Announces Run For Governor of South Dakota

PIERRE, SD – Today, Rep. Jamie Smith announced he is running for Governor of South Dakota. 

“I want to let you know the rumors are true. I am asking for your vote to be South Dakota’s next Governor,” said Rep. Smith said in his announcement today. “I know what matters to the people of South Dakota because I am not a career politician. I have a day-job selling houses. I am running for Governor because I believe good government starts at the top, and for the last four years, we have not had good government. South Dakota voters are crying out for transparency and honesty in government, but instead, Governor Noem pulls strings to help her family members get special treatment and then denies it.”

“I’m not interested in playing politics. I want to bring people to the table to solve problems – together.. I like to make friends and help out my neighbors. I respect people who disagree with me, and I’ll never attack a group of people because I disagree with them. Whether you are a Republican, Independent, or Democrat, whether you are rural or urban, gay, trans, or straight, white, Black, or Native American, you’re another South Dakotan to me: hard working, focused on your family, looking out for others. We all call this great state home.”

Rep. Smith was elected to the South Dakota Legislature in 2016 and has served as House Democratic Leader since 2019.

Jamie, 51, is a devoted father and husband. His wife of 23 years, Kjerstin, is a middle school librarian. He is the proud father of two sons, Johnathan and Isaac. Jamie graduated from Augustana University and works as a realtor. 

Jamie has served his community as a Cubmaster, Church President of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, a founding member of Dakota Dads, Vice President of the Sioux Falls Arts Council, board member of the R.A.S.E., and he is currently serving on the board of Affording Housable Solutions. Jamie looks forward to continuing to serve his community, and all South Dakotans. 

You can watch Jamie Smith’s announcement video here.