Memo: Noem v. Jackley – If either wins, South Dakotans lose

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. –  Today, just three weeks before the primary election, the South Dakota Democratic Party released an interested parties memo titled “Noem v. Jackley – If either wins, South Dakotans lose”. The memo outlines several pay-to-play relationships evident from Jackley’s and Noem’s financial reports. The document also highlights Jackley’s and Noem’s poor attendance records in their Pierre and Washington offices as they campaign for their next taxpayer-funded job.

Notable points in the memo include:

  • Around the time the case was pending, Jackley received a $20,000 campaign contribution from the law firm Jackley was supposed to be opposing in a lawsuit Jackley lost over voter-backed IM 22.
  • Noem reports thousands in contributions from individuals with state contracts.
  • In 2018 alone, Jackley has held at least 45 campaign events during business hours.
  • Noem missed 26% of the roll call votes in the US House in 2018, including missing 62% of the votes in April.

No matter the winner of the Republican primary, that candidate will have deep vulnerabilities going into the general election. Learn more by reading the full memo here: