Noem & GOP “Money Laundering” with Joint Fundraising Committee

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Last week we learned Congresswoman Noem would be calling on help from Washington to save her political career – breaking her own campaign finance pledge in the process.

In response to Noem using a self-professed loophole to break her pledge to voters with the help of the South Dakota Republican Party, Executive Director of the South Dakota Democratic Party Sam Parkinson said:

“Last fall, the South Dakota Republican Party called joint fundraising agreements ‘a straight [money] laundering scheme, period.’ This fall, in danger of losing her race for governor, Rep. Kristi Noem’s campaign partnered with the Republican Party to create a joint fundraising agreement committee to allow donors attending her fundraiser with Donald Trump to donate $23,000 to her campaign – even though the legal limit for individual contributions to a statewide campaign is $4,000. Noem and the Republican Party say one thing and do another. This is just another example of establishment politicians believing they can follow a different set of rules than everyone else.”