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Voters should select their legislators; legislators should not choose their voters. Under current law, the legislature resets the legislative district lines after each U.S. Census. This system allows for gerrymandered districts, districts that have been drawn for personal or political gain. This is a broken system. Our state should strive to create districts which best serve the people, not that best serve political aspirations of individuals.

This constitutional amendment creates a nine-person commission that is made up of members of both the major political parties and individuals who are in neither of the major parties. No one party can have more than three members on this commission. This is a fair system that has worked well in other states like Iowa.

We cannot be successful in this effort without volunteers like you stepping up to collect signatures from their friends, family, and neighbors. Whether you are able to collect 10, 50, or 500 signatures, your efforts will allow voters to decide in November of 2016 how their district lines should be drawn.

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