Democratic Party calls for the resignation of Attorney General Ravnsborg.

Sioux Falls, SD (February 18, 2021) – South Dakota Democratic Party today called on Attorney General, Jason Ravnsborg to resign. Today’s press conference left more questions than answers in this tragedy.

“This was not an accident. This was criminal conduct that resulted in the death of Joseph Boever, – a husband – a brother and a fellow South Dakotan. Let’s face facts: Jason Ravnsborg’s criminal conduct killed a man. Three Class II misdemeanors, which is the same level of seriousness of a speeding ticket, is not being held accountable. You cannot serve as the Chief Prosecutor, Chief Law Enforcement Officer and South Dakota’s lawyer when your careless and negligent conduct caused the death of another person. Mr. Ravnsborg’s Office prosecutes people across South Dakota. Do they get off with a slap on the wrist – do they get to walk away without being held accountable? In our justice system it should not matter how important you are or what position you have been elected to – you should be held accountable the same as every other person in South Dakota. Accountability for his actions means Mr. Ravnsborg must resign. Like all of us, he must accept responsibility for his actions – acceptance of responsibility, in this case, means respect for the victim and his family and resigning as our Attorney General.” – Nikki Gronli, Vice Chair

Ravnsborg has failed to address the public and is instead hiding behind a Utah-based public relations company. It is our view that the people of South Dakota deserve better.

Please direct questions to SDDP Vice Chair Nikki Gronli
via email or phone (605) 376-3337.