FEBRUARY 1, 2022

Democratic Legislators Statement on Opposition to HB 1005 & SB 46 

PIERRE SD (February 1, 2022) – Senate Bill 46, protect[ing] fairness in women’s sports passed today in the House of Representatives alongside HB 1005, an Act to provide for the designated use of public school multi-occupancy rooms and sleeping rooms. House Minority Leader Representative Jamie Smith and Representative Linda Duba are quoted in opposition to both bills.

“I am so disappointed. I truly believe that if the good people of the House would talk to a trans child and their family, they would truly understand that these are just young human beings. That they are not looking for any angle on the sports field. That is the farthest thing from a trans girl’s mind. She is just trying to fit in,” says Rep. Linda Duba. “In terms of the bathroom bill, it is so ludicrous. To the trans families and kids out there, we see you, we hear you, we will continue to fight.”

“It is a bad day for South Dakota. Two bad bills passed. It is time to quit picking on trans people and start caring about our neighbors,” says Rep. Jamie Smith.