It’s Time For You To Run For Office

By: SDDP Chair Randy Seiler

Have you ever considered running for office? 

As a candidate for office, you can move the ball forward on important issues like healthcare, education, and good-paying jobs. South Dakota needs leaders who will strengthen families by increasing healthcare coverage throughout the state. We need leaders who know we must invest in education so our kids and our grandkids can thrive. We need leaders who will help grow the economy for all South Dakotans. You can be that leader who prioritizes the needs of South Dakota over party politics.

Democracy works best when there are two active, engaged parties, and it is clear as day that our legislature would work better with a little more balance. If you believe in working together to solve problems for the people of South Dakota, I am asking you to step up and lead. Our state needs you.

My life has been shaped by public service. From serving my country in Vietnam to spending over 20 years working for the U.S. Attorney’s office, I know that while it’s not always easy, public service is rewarding.

Running for office is a type of public service that is available to everyone, in every community across the state. When you bring good ideas and the right attitude to the table, seeking office to serve your community can be so rewarding. The South Dakota Democratic Party supports candidates to run for office at all levels of government. Our goal is to empower a diverse, representative group of Democrats to serve South Dakota.


When you sign up to run for office as a Democrat, you join a group of thousands of South Dakotans who believe in integrity, hard work, and investing in families and communities. As Democrats, we believe in electing candidates who represent the people of South Dakota, not special interest groups. South Dakotans deserve to be represented by leaders who listen to them. 

Even if you’ve never thought about running for office before, we can set you up with the tools and training you need. Visit our website,, to let us know you’re interested today.

Petition circulation for legislative candidates runs from January 1st through March 28th. You only need to collect 50 signatures to make the ballot, but don’t wait until the last minute. Sit down at your kitchen table today and decide if running for office is right for you.

There is no better time than now to step up and serve your community.

Randy Seiler is the Chair of the South Dakota Democratic Party.