Campaign Finance Amendment Shows Lack of Transparency from Noem 

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. –  In an amendment to her campaign’s pre-general campaign finance report filed on Monday, October 29, Congresswoman Kristi Noem released an additional three pages of names of individuals who have contributed to her campaign – a full week after the report was due. SDDP Executive Director Sam Parkinson released the following statement in response to Noem’s lack of transparency on campaign finance:

“Throughout her campaign for governor, Kristi Noem has showed a stunning arrogance in playing fast and loose with the campaign finance laws of South Dakota. She started her campaign using a loophole to funnel out-of-state money into her campaign – right after South Dakotans voted to make it illegal. Her campaign has been fined for a campaign finance violation, and, most troubling, she broke her promise to South Dakotans to not take money through joint fundraising committees. This disclosure amendment, listing over 100 names of previously unrevealed donors to her campaign, again shows Rep. Noem’s lack of commitment to transparency and accountability. The voters of South Dakota are tired of career politicians skirting the rules to get elected, and on November 6, Kristi Noem will find out that truth the hard way.”