Sioux Falls, SD – June 25, 2020 The Democratic National Committee announced Wednesday that the party’s National Convention, originally planned for Milwaukee on August 17-20, would be held online due to events over the coronavirus.

Read the DNC new release here.

“This is newly released information and so we are still working through the details. The convention will be still “anchored” in Milwaukee, but moved to a smaller venue, and all delegates/support team members should plan on conducting the meetings remotely. This is due to the increase of Covid-19 cases and the DNC and our commitment to keeping our people safe.” – Pam Cole, Executive Director

“Although we’re disappointed, we can’t all be together in Milwaukee, we take the health and safety of our members and the American people with the highest regard. The convention will still be hosted virtually from Milwaukee and Vice President Biden is committed to accepting the nomination from our convention city. Democrats will take part from across the country virtually. We had a great leadership meeting Wednesday evening and I look forward to seeing the convention recreated in a new, creative way. This is how innovation happens.” – Nikki Gronli, Vice Chair

The SDDP has 21 delegates to participate in the National Convention along with three District-level Alternates, three Standing Committee Members and three pages. 

Chair Kellen Returns from Scout will also serve as the Delegation Chair.

Biden District-level Delegates:
1. Brooke Abdallah, Spearfish
2. Mark Anderson, Sioux Falls
3. Shalene Thompson, Lake Andes
4. Kellen Returns From Scout, Rapid City  – Delegation Chair
5. Sydney Walker, Watertown
6. Connor Hansen, Sioux Falls
7. Linda Duba, Sioux Falls
8. Lyndon Hart, Flandreau 

Sanders District-level Delegates:
9. Alexandra Fredericks
10. Remi Bald Eagle

Automatic Delegates:
11. Senator Tom Daschle – Former Majority Leader
12. SDDP Chair Randy Seiler
13. SDDP Vice Chair Nikki Gronli
14. National Committeewoman – Deb Knecht, Aberdeen
15. National Committeeman – Bill Walsh, Deadwood

At Large, Biden:
16. Rick Weiland, Sioux Falls
17. Tom Katus, Rapid City
18. Betty DeBerg, Sioux Falls

At Large, Sanders:
19. Amanda Fickes, Brookings

PLEO (Political Leader/Elected Official):
20. Jennifer Slaight-Hansen, Aberdeen
21. Boyd Gourneau, Lower Brule 

District-level Alternates, Biden:
Candice Brings Plenty, Porcupine
John Solberg, Mitchell

District-level Alternate, Sanders:
Clara Hart, Sioux Falls 

Other Roles:
Standing Committees:
DNC Platform – Senator Troy Heinert, Mission
DNC Credentials – Amanda Bachmann, Pierre
DNC Rules – Amanda Fickes, Brookings

Courtney Merchant, Vermillion
Carter Demaray, Yankton
Jordan Smith, Whitewood 

Newly Elected Officials/Candidates:
Deb Knecht, Aberdeen, 2nd 4-year term as National Committeewoman
Dennis Olson, Mitchell – 1st 4-year term as National Committeeman (takes office last day of National Convention)
PUC Candidate: Remi Bald Eagle, Eagle Butte 

Presidential Electors:
Joseph Yracheta, Selby
Nikki Gronli, Dell Rapids
Randy Seiler, Ft. Pierre

With questions, please call Pam Cole, Executive Director. (605) 695-1996 or