JULY 9, 2022

The South Dakota Democratic Party holds 2022 State Convention 

Pierre, SD – Today, at the 2022 State Convention, the South Dakota Democratic Party nominated candidates for constitutional offices. The Party also adopted its platform, adopted an amendment to the constitution, and passed resolutions.

Jennifer Keintz (Eden) was nominated for Lieutenant Governor.
The South Dakota Democratic Party unanimously confirmed her nomination after Jamie Smith tapped her as his running mate last week.

Tom Cool (Sioux Falls) was nominated for Secretary of State.
“I want to register every qualified voter in South Dakota. Count every vote. I appreciate the nomination from the South Dakota Democratic Party,” said Tom Cool.

John Cunningham (Sioux Falls) was nominated for State Treasurer.
“I want to make sure all of the money entrusted to the state of South Dakota is handled properly, ethically, and legally,” said John Cunningham.

Minnehaha County Commissioner Jeff Barth (Sioux Falls) was nominated for Public Utilities Commissioner.
“It’s an honor to accept this nomination. I plan to win this election and serve the people of South Dakota as the next Public Utilities Commissioner,” said Jeff Barth.

Tim Azure (Wessington Springs) was nominated for Commissioner of Schools and Public Lands.
“I look forward to running. I’m going to put as much time as needed into my race. I love this great state and I want to work for the folks of South Dakota,” said Tim Azure.

Stephanie Marty (Sioux Falls) was nominated for State Auditor.