SD Democratic Party statement on Governor Noem’s recent tweet and appearance on Fox News

Sioux Falls, SD (February 26, 2021) – Thursday, Governor Kristi Noem tweeted, “Democrats used COVID to promote fear and change America,” including a link to a video of her appearance on Fox News’ Hannity. 

In response the South Dakota Democratic Party releases the following statement:

No governor has made COVID-19 more political than Governor Kristi Noem. Her remarks mirror those of the D.C. operatives she has working in the governor’s office. While South Dakota ranks amongst the highest death rates per capita in the nation and our deaths continue to grow even as cases decline, she has continued to ignore science and lack empathy for the lives lost to the illness. Instead, she has made denying truth and science a keystone of her administration. 

“Advocating for freedom while actively ignoring the pain and suffering of her constituents is completely contradictory. Another Fox News appearance doesn’t help South Dakota. Her desire for the limelight continues to outweigh caring about the good people of South Dakota.” – Senate Minority Leader, Troy Heinert 

While on Fox News the governor continued to share numerous inaccuracies.

“The governor continues to view success as economic, even though the financial situation we find ourselves in is due to the CARES Act dollars our state received. She ignores the COVID deaths and even the spread created by allowing large public events and the effect on not just our state, but the country.” – House Minority Leader, Jamie Smith

The state health department reports 99,499 confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Dakota. That is an eighth of the population. We have lost 1,872 South Dakotans to date. One out of every 53 people that got COVID in South Dakota has died of the disease. The South Dakota Democratic Party does not accept this as a success. 

“We’ve seen this story before. Ignore the science, use social media, or mainstream media to deny the numbers, put on your positive pants, and ignore reality. Then, hope the people buy it. Recently, we saw the American people aren’t buying it. Why? Because when it touches your life and you lose a loved one, you know what’s true.” – Vice Chair, Nikki Gronli

Please direct questions to SDDP Vice Chair Nikki Gronli
via email or phone (605) 376-3337.