South Dakota Democratic Party responds to Attorney General joining Texas lawsuit

Sioux Falls, SD (December 9, 2020)

Today, Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg announced South Dakota was filing an Amicus Brief in support of Texas’ lawsuit against four battleground states in a last-ditch effort to overturn the 2020 election. The Trump administration has already lost or withdrawn 50 post-election lawsuits and had the Supreme Court unanimously refuse to take up the most recent case.

“The facts just don’t support any widespread election fraud and the President’s personal attorney, Guiliani has said as much, under oath in court. This is a desperate attempt to obstruct the democratic process and the will of the people. Not only is it wrong to waste taxpayer money this way, it is wrong to erode the tenets of democracy through this frivolous lawsuit.” – Randy Seiler, Chair

Both Attorney Generals in Texas and in South Dakota are currently under investigation in unrelated cases.

“I believe this is all a red herring. The Attorney General was caught driving recklessly and he took a man’s life. The details and any charges are going to come out soon. I believe he’s looking for anyway to try to win some goodwill back as the public awaits this information. The fact that our AG is willing to sue Republican run states and undermine trust in democracy tells me this is an act of desperation.” – Nikki Gronli, Vice Chair

The South Dakota Democratic Party would like to see transparency and oversight of this lawsuit.

“How much time and what resources will our Attorney General waste on this lawsuit? He has signed onto a lawsuit that just repeats the unfounded allegations of other suits that have already been tossed out. Despite lack of evidence of fraud, he has committed our state and our taxpayer money to defend it. The State of South Dakota should be embarrassed by this action from the AG’s office. – Seiler

For further information, please call Randy Seiler, 605-222-8877 or email