SDDP Executive Director Responds to Pruitt Visit

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SDDP Executive Director Responds to Pruitt Visit

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The South Dakota Democratic Party released the following statement from Executive Director Sam Parkinson responding to today’s visit to South Dakota by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt:  

“Scott Pruitt is not fit to serve as head of the EPA, or in any public office. His continuous efforts to undermine the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and to favor Big Oil over biofuel producers show he is no friend to South Dakota farmers or the environment. The endless stream of scandals engulfing Pruitt involving him wasting taxpayer money and using his office for personal advantage show he does not respect taxpayers or the public trust. Pruitt should resign immediately, and be replaced with someone who will support the RFS, respect taxpayer dollars, and use his or her position to advance the country’s interests instead of their own.”

Here is a look at just some of the ways Pruitt has favored Big Oil over biofuel producers:

  • Pruitt’s EPA has granted dozens of waivers to refiners so they produce gasoline without the blends of ethanol required by the RFS.
  • Pruitt’s EPA has not lifted the ban on E15 sales from June 1 to September 15, despite the Trump administration supporting a lifting of the ban.
Here is a look at just some of the scandals around Pruitt:
  • Two key EPA aides facing an array of ethics investigations abruptly resigned.
  • One of Pruitt’s lobbyist friends on the verge of securing a $40,000 monthly contract with the Moroccan government helped arrange his controversial trip to Morocco, which cost more than $100,000.
  • The lobbyist husband of Pruitt’s landlord asked him for help getting three people recommended by his firm’s client appointed to an EPA advisory board.
  • The EPA signed off on a project for an energy company, which was represented by the firm that employs the lobbyist who has been linked to the Washington condo that Pruitt rented at far below market value.
  • Pruitt went around the White House and took advantage of an obscure provision to give raises to two of his aides, and falsely claimed that he knew nothing about it.
  • Pruitt reassigned EPA staff who questioned his lavish spending and outlandish requests, and then lied to Congress about it.
  • Scott Pruitt wasted more than one hundred thousand taxpayer dollars on first class airfare during his first year in office.
  • A government watchdog agency concluded that the EPA violated federal law in spending more than $43,000 to install a private phone booth in Pruitt’s office.
  • Pruitt enlisted his 24/7 security detail to take him in search of his favorite Ritz-Carlton moisturizing lotion.
  • Pruitt enlisted his 24/7 security detail to pick up his dry cleaning.
  • Pruitt made EPA officials fetch his protein bars and greek yogurt.
  • Pruitt enlisted his executive scheduler to email the chairman and president of Chick-fil-A to arrange a meeting to discuss a job for Pruitt’s wife.
  • There are currently at least ten federal investigations related to Pruitt’s security practices, travel expenses, and other issues.


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