SDDP Announces Election of New Officers

On Saturday, February, 25th, the South Dakota Democratic Party elected its new slate of officers and Executive Board. Officers will begin their term on May 1st, 2023.

Larry Olsen, Toni Diamond, Jennifer Slaight-Hansen, and Shane Merrill (L to R).


Jennifer Slaight-Hansen


“I was honored to be elected as the leader of the Democratic Party here in South Dakota. Democratic politics in this state is a challenging job. I know many of us feel ignored and looked down upon. Our voices are valuable and deserve to be heard. I intend to make that happen.”

Vice Chair

Shane Merrill


“I’m excited to get to work as leadership of the SDDP. Rural issues are extremely important to me and will be a key piece of my service the next four years. I am looking forward to meeting more Democrats as we move forward.”


Toni Diamond

Rapid City

“I would say that my win today was not just my victory. What happened today was people from all across our state stating that the believe in change. It gives me, and others who follow after me, hope. I am honored to be able to help bring about positive change.”


Larry Olsen


“The Membership has spoken and put us on an exciting path. I am certain all the elected SDDP officers hope to be able to live up to their expectations. I keep waiting for my fellow South Dakotan to see through the lies, deception, and bumpersticker politics misinformation. The SDDP always has and will continue standing up for all South Dakotans and not self-serving interests. Please join us to help us go further.”

Executive Board

Region 1

Steven McCleerey and Lynn Moran

Region 2

Mary Perpich and Scott Parsley

Region 3

Sharon Schulz-Elsing and Sheldon Osborn

Region 4

Jessica Meyers and Joseph Zweifel

Region 5

Carrie Ackerman-Rice and Frank Kloucek

Region 6

Amanda Bachmann and Wayne Ducheneaux

Region 7

Jay Davis and Sandra White Shield