SDDP statement on invasion of the Nation’s Capital

Sioux Falls, SD (January 6, 2021) – Today the joint session of Congress met to certify the results of the 2020 election and win of Democratic Candidate Joe Biden. Who would have known that Trump supporters would breach the Nation’s Capitol Building in an attempt to thwart democracy?

“Democracy is fragile. The disinformation and hatred that was spread by our President has today revealed itself to be the greatest threat to democracy. We are saddened by this illegal and violent act against Congress and America. It is a sad day for America.” – Randy Seiler, Chair

The Congress had gone to their separate chambers to debate the certification after a small group of Republicans tried to disrupt the process with accusations of voter fraud, even though numerous recounts, audits and dismissed court challenges have shown none exist.

“The words of our President at his rally encouraged this behavior. He has encouraged this behavior for four years sowing division, hatred and violence. I am thankful President-Elect Biden spoke today to try to calm the situation and provide the leadership we so desperately need right now. I do fear what 14 more days of Trump in office will do to this country. I hope Congress will invoke the 25th Amendment when they can reconvene. Our reputation as a great nation has been tarnished.” —Nikki Gronli, Vice Chair.

President-Elect Joe Biden spoke to the American people and asked President Trump to speak to his followers and ask them to stop the assault on the Capitol.

“The only voter fraud that was attempted was by the President and his followers. The Republicans who ran these elections and were attacked by members of their own party must be wondering about the decay they are witnessing today and what that means for the future of their party. We wish for the safety of our Members of Congress but also hope they have learned something from this tragic experience.” —Pam Cole, Executive Director.

As the events continue to unfold in Washington, DC we hope for the safety of all members of Congress, the many employees and the members of law enforcement whose lives have been threatened today.

Please direct questions to SDDP Executive Director Pam Cole via email or phone (605) 695-1996.