JULY 11, 2022

Rep. Healy meets with Vice President Harris to discuss reproductive rights

Sioux Falls – On Friday, July 8th, Representative Erin Healy traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris. At their meeting, they discussed reproductive rights in the nation, South Dakota’s trigger law and its impact on the state, and a potential special session in Pierre. 

Representative Erin Healy released the following statement regarding her meeting with Vice President Harris:

“Meeting with Vice President Harris was truly a remarkable experience. I was honored to be invited to participate in this important discussion and represent South Dakotans to brief the Vice President on the impact South Dakota’s trigger law has had on our state. We also discussed a potential special session that already has extremist legislators discussing harmful bill proposals for both people who can become pregnant and people who work within our healthcare system. 

“I told the Vice President that many people who can become pregnant are now in difficult positions since they have been stripped of their medical options and the bodily autonomy they once had. Our healthcare system may see a detrimental impact due to this trigger law. Forced pregnancies have serious consequences as some people will endure serious risks due to pregnancy while others may even die. The Vice President reminded us that now is our time to claim democracy, freedom, and liberty and that we are not in this fight alone. I left my meeting with Harris feeling reinvigorated to fight these regressive policies.”

The South Dakota Democratic Party is proud of Representative Healy’s leadership in the fight for reproductive freedoms for all South Dakotans.