Noem’s Broken Promises on the Farm Bill 

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. –  In the final week of the election, the South Dakota Democratic Party will be reminding the people of South Dakota about Rep. Kristi Noem’s trail of broken promises throughout her political career. Today, SDDP Executive Director Sam Parkinson released the following statement highlighting Noem’s broken promises on the Farm Bill:

“As if her broken promises on campaign finance and the national debt weren’t enough, Kristi Noem’s greatest affront to the voters of South Dakota is her broken promise on passing the farm bill she repeatedly promised to pass before it expired this fall. Instead of fulfilling that promise, Noem left DC two weeks early to seek reelection instead of doing the job she was elected to do. Another promise made, and another promise broken by Kristi Noem. Voters will remember her failure to deliver for South Dakota’s number one industry on November 6.”

You can read more about Kristi Noem’s broken promises, and record of not showing up for the people of South Dakota at