Are you an emergency? GOP leaders in Pierre seem to think so.
Here’s what Argus Leader reporter Jonathan Ellis has to say about the GOP’s anti-democratic bill to limit your right to sponsor ballot measures:

“When you hear the word emergency – as in, Emergency! – what comes to mind?

“I think of Japanese planes bombing Pearl Harbor. Or the Titanic ramming an iceberg. Or a burning skyscraper filled with orphans. Those are emergencies.

“But some lawmakers in Pierre have a different sense of emergency. They think that you, the voter, are an emergency. And just like some of those brave sailors who manned anti-aircraft guns to fight back on that Sunday morning at Pearl Harbor, these lawmakers are out to put a stop to you.” – Jonathan Ellis, Argus Leader; 2/2/2015

GOP leaders want to put a stop to South Dakota voters like you who passed an initiated measure to raise the minimum wage and referred measures to stop Governor Dennis Daugaard’s education reform bill and corporate welfare bill.
Thank you,
Ann Tornberg, Chair