The South Dakota Democratic Party’s 2020 State Convention will be held remotely on Saturday, June 20th under Convention Co-Chairs Nikki Gronli (SDDP Vice Chair) and Remi Beautiful Bald Eagle. Please mark your calendars! Checkin will begin at approximately 8am CT with convention business concluding in the early afternoon. Information on how to join the virtual convention will be shared with registered delegates and attendees nearer to the convention date itself.

To prepare for the meeting, counties are required to gather remotely or via phone conference to select their State Convention Voting Delegation. Each county must submit their SDDP State Convention Voting Delegate List to the SDDP by 5pm CT on Friday, June 5th. Not sure who your county leaders are? Check out our County Party page or email

Already a delegate? Register below and learn more about our Convention business for 2020!

Registration for the following attendance options will open Friday, May 15th:

  • Elected County Delegate (includes County Chair or next highest elected position)
  • Legislative Candidate (General Election Ballot – Automatic Delegate)
  • SDDP Executive Board Member (Automatic Delegate
  • SDDP Legislative District Chair (Automatic Delegate)
  • National Convention Delegate
  • Non-delegate attendee

County Voting Delegate Selection Process:

  • Each county is entitled to a minimum of four (4) delegates, one (1) being the county chair or the next higher officer and three (3) being elected by the County Central Committee. *Any county with over 4,000 votes cast in the last general election for the Democratic candidate for governor is entitled to have one additional delegate for every 1,500 votes yielding a major fraction of at least one.
  • At the 2020 SDDP Convention, six (6) counties will be allocated more than 4 delegates:
    • Brookings (6 total); Brown (6 total); Lincoln (9 total); Minnehaha (26 total); Pennington (13 total); and Yankton (5 total)
  • Each county central committee shall elect a minimum of three alternates. Alternates are ranked and certified to the state party office at least five days prior to the convention. Only those properly filed will be allowed to replace their county delegates.
  • Additional (Automatic) delegates to the county:
    • SDDP Executive Board members who reside in the county
    • SDDP Legislative District Chairs who reside in the county
    • Democratic party candidates for the South Dakota legislature whose names are to appear on the general election ballot who reside in the county

*NOTE: Votes are weighted based on the number of votes in that county at the last general election for the Democratic Party candidate for governor. Whether a County sends 1 voting delegate or 10/more, the TOTAL WEIGHT of their vote is predetermined by the 2018 Vote for the Democratic candidate for governor.

Voting Delegates to the SD State Democratic Convention shall:

  • Serve on Platform Sub-committees
  • Adopt the Party Platform
  • Vote on any Resolutions presented to the Convention
  • Elect South Dakota’s DNC National Committeeman (1 position)
  • Elect South Dakota’s DNC National Committeewoman (1 position)
  • Elect a Democratic Candidate for Public Utilities Commissioner (1 position)
  • Elect 3 Democratic Presidential Electors (3 positions)

2020 SDDP Platform Committee:

  • Platform Committee shall meet as twelve (12) Sub-Committees on Saturday June 13th via remote phone call or video service.
  • State Convention Delegates and Attendees may register for the subcommittees starting Friday, May 15th. Counties will be given registration instructions on Friday, May 15th to inform their membership.
  • State Convention Co-Chairs shall assign Platform Sub-Committee Co-Chairs and Secretaries. All registered SD Democrats are invited to take part in Platform building Sub-Committee meetings on one of the following topics (assigned based on ranked choice within the registration form):
    • Agriculture and Rural Life
    • Economic Development & Tourism
    • Education
    • Health Care
    • Human Rights
    • Labor & Employment
    • Natural Resources & Environment
    • Tribal & Native American Issues
    • Senior Issues
    • State & Local Government
    • Veterans’ Issues
    • Women’s Issues

National Democratic Convention Delegate Selection Process:

National Delegates slated per the results of the June 2, 2020 Primary shall complete the selection of South Dakota’s national delegation on June 20 at a delegate meeting following the conclusion of the 2020 State Democratic Party Convention.** Find the statewide delegates slates elected here.

  • 2 PLEO (Political Leaders Elected Officials) Delegates
  • 4 At-Large Delegates
  • 3 Standing Committee Members, one per committee (Rules, Credentials, Platform)
  • National Delegation Chair
    • Delegation Chair selects 2 Convention Pages

See South Dakota’s entire Delegate Selection Plan for 2020 here.

**NOTE: ONLY National Delegates will finalize the process, not voting delegates of the State Convention.